Special Programs
Let us upkeep your vehicle for you! Having one premium detail qualifies you for this program. All you
will have to do is schedule at least two maintenance details a month and two full wash and wax details
a year. No hassles; no worries; pre-scheduled appointments ahead of the rest of the pack; flexible
dates and times; quality service; and 10% off any detail for vehicles under this program. What's not to

Most deals and discounts will still be usable under this program for even further rewards.
If you want to become part of our elite, then start racking up points today! All VIP's get 10% OFF
! In order to acquire VIP status, you must achieve a minimum of 2500 points within one
year. Once the minimum points are achieved, you are then a VIP for an entire year. To stay VIP status,
all you will have to do is achieve 2000 points every year starting from the day you first became a VIP.
Points are acquired in a 1:1 ratio. Every dollar spent is one point earned.

VIP status is an earned privilege given to our most loyal and repeat customers. Clients will be given a VIP card
notifying them of points received after every detail. Once you hit 2500 points, just give us your point cards and
you will officially become a VIP. Most deals and discounts will still be usable to VIPs for even further rewards.
10% OFF
5% OFF